Paradise This Way

A project commissioned by the Crafts Council for the States of Play exhibition Hosted at Humber Street Gallery as part of the Hull City of Culture 2017
where we collaborated with Hull-based companies Daifuku-Logan and Humber Galvanizing to showcase the skills and abilities of the region and create an artwork would hopefully generate smiles and a small insight into our understanding of the history of the city and local area.

Newton's Bucket

In 1689 Isaac Newton conducted an experiment where he hung by a rope a bucket
filled with water. The rope is twisted up tightly on itself and then the bucket is released beginning to spin rapidly. Inspired by this experiment we have exchanged the rope
for a turntable, the bucket for a hollow hemisphere and water for non-toxic resin to create a series of bowls that capture this moment in time, which will make each piece unique.

More about this on the Projects Page

Textile Moulded Glass

Silo Studio developed the Technique, through looking at ways of creating unique
items with one mould; each time we make one it will be slightly different from
the next, this is something we often look at in our work. here we use a textile
that can withstand very high temperatures and still stay strong many times over —
we could not make this project without the help from our expert
glass blower: Jochen Holz

Making an NSEPS coat stand

Film by Dan Gianini and LS:N Global

NSEPS with Design Museum

This a video commissioned by the london Design Museum for the 2013-15 exhibition Extraordinary Stories About Ordinary Things. Made by Alice Masters

Silo Studio tries ForMi at Bibby

This is the first time that we put ForMi through Bibby engineers injection moulding machine, ForMi is a thermoplastic composite with 20% — 50% naturel wood fibres
making it very strong and greatly reducing the CO2 use in Production,
and as it is a thermoplastic it is recyclable - should you want to.
this is the beginning stage of our Wallpaper Magazine 2013 project